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We’ve listed tips to help you decide on the best kind of material to use on your new garage door.

Know the proper ways to operate your garage door

According to our experts, one of the best ways to avoid garage door accidents is to know how they should be operated properly. Misuse of the garage door can cause malfunction or even dislocation of hinges or tracks that can make the garage door fall on a person.

Make sure safety features are functional

While garage doors have safety features, they are not commonly used because emergencies do not happen all the time and there is the chance that the mechanism could fail. This is also why garage doors should be serviced periodically to make sure that the safety features work.

Put handles on the garage door

Handles are not installed on garage doors just for decorative purposes. They're actually very useful, especially if you have to open and close the door manually. People without garage door handles have seriously injured their fingers since they have to put their hands in sections or edges.

Opt for a belt drive opener if you require quiet operation

This type of opener is the quietest of all. Unlike its counterparts which have a drive chain or screw made from metal, it uses a belt made from a strong polymer material. This enables it to make minimal noise while operating the door. A quiet motor will make things perfect.

Lubricate galvanized parts

Many people are under the impression that galvanized garage door parts do not require lubrication at all. This is a wrong assumption. If the galvanized surface of steel parts is scratched, metal will still erode. The galvanized surface is protected with lubricants and such problems will be certainly avoided.

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