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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Same day extension springs replacement

I called Garage Door Repair Houston to report a problem with the springs. The tech was in my house within the following hour!!! Amazing? They reassured me on the phone that he would be fast but I didn't expect such quick response. Anyway, he got a quick look at the extension garage door springs and told me that one of them was broken. I have no idea about garage doors and so I couldn't tell. So, he called in and another contractor brought a replacement in a little while. They replaced both springs. The whole service didn't take long and it was excellent.

Immediate response for spring problems

It was a surprise to see garage door repair contractors responding so quickly to my call! My experience with other companies was quite different and it was a nice thing to finally see pros arriving at my house soon after my call. I had some issues with my garage door springs. I guess they needed adjustment and since I don't meddle with such work, I found this garage door contractor. The job was done perfectly and fast. I really appreciated their immediate arrival and I must say that the problem was fixed perfectly well. I strongly recommend them. They're awesome!

Fixed my loose cable immediately

I don't know much about garage doors but I suspected a cable problem when the overhead door refused to open and made these weird noises. I called Garage Door Repair Houston right away. The technician told me that one of the cables was completely loose. I thought he would have to replace it but he surprised me by fixing it really quickly. I must also mention that he came over very fast, the charge was more than reasonable, and the tech checked and rechecked that the door moved smoothly. I just wanted to say thank you!

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